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Pompei Walking Tour

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Pompei Walking Tour

Our guide will take back in time to “touch” the daily life of a typical roman town of 2000 years ago

If you are really looking forward to visit Pompeii Ruins, the most convenient way is to take part to our “Walking Tour”, together with a licensed Campania Region Guide.

The Walking Tour is a group tour, in which you will be sharing a guide with other visitors (max 30 people per group). In other words, you will therefore have the chance to have a licended guide without having to pay the full amount.


Highlights: The Forum, the Baths, the temples of Apollo, Jupiter and Isis, il lupanare “the brothel”, frescoes and mosaici, the bakeries and the body casts.


Duration: 2 hours
Language: English


Meeting Point: Pompei Scavi - Villa dei Misteri Circumvesuviana Station, Infopoint platform 1



Attention: The price for the guided tour does not include Pompei entrance fee.
Please check here the admission fees.